The Garden Quilt

Here are some pics of the quilt. I used my friend Becky's digital camera.


SEN said...

Wow! That must've taken a lot of work. It's beautiful!

Jenny said...

Thank you. I really enjoyed working on it. Because of the quilt group that I go to I was able to learn how to do alot of the techniques that I needed to do the quilt.

Amber said...

It turned out beautiful! What a great job.

Anonymous said...

wow! jenny, this quilt is beaUtiful! you did wonderfully.

...you make the quilts and i make the cakes, right?

Ruth Brown said...

Lovely work. I see the garden.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful quilt. Great job. I hope this comment is saved. I'm afraid I may be listed as an anonymous commenter. I'm not sure how to sign on correctly.