flavored salts

I put together some homemade flavored salts for Christmas. I am quite excited about these.

The original recipe was for chile-lime-pimentón salt but I could not find dried lime zest. I didn't have the time to search multiple stores so I just omitted the lime. I think this is going to be amazing without the lime, though if the lime does need adding then a bit of lime juice can be added to the food directly.

I have to admit that the citrus-rosemary salt is the one I am the most excited for. Plus, it looks Christmas-y. It has orange and lemon zest. The recipe can be found here

I really hope that the person receiving this gift is up for a little spicy flavor. The sriracha salt was the simplest recipe

I am pretty impressed at how easy these were to make. The recipes do mention letting the salts sit for a day to really let the flavors set properly. This isn't a problem for me since they'll spend time being mailed across country and sitting under a tree until Christmas morning. 

Have you made flavored salts before? What are your go-to recipes?


Miss Mermaid

This little mermaid gal is headed off across the country to my niece. She even has a ribbon that goes along with her.

She is a little over 2 feet long. Smaller than her sisters, but she has to be mailed in a box across country. 

She has delicate and feminine features.

She is just lovely and oh so snuggable.

I had to find a way to wrap her up and fit her in the box with the other Christmas presents, so I whipped up this bag for her. It is a pink and white gingham with gold satin ribbon. Perfectly sweet for a sweet niece.



I started a March - photo a day and one of the photos to be taken was "something I made" and I took these of the glass beads I had hand sewn onto this blue dress of Alice's.

I think these are so beautiful. 


Blue & Gold Banquet cake

There is a father/son cake {or mother/son cake in our case} contest for the Blue & Gold Banquet for cub scouts each year. This is our second year of doing this.

The campfire cake is what struck his fancy. I think he had the most fun crushing the candies for the flames. I had the most fun striking matches and roasting each marshmallow for him to place around the cake. :)