Naomi's Scrappy Quilt

This quilt was finished just last week! It is a twin size scrappy wonder. It was tricky trying to photograph the whole top of the quilt at once, so I took a picture of the bottom half, flipped it over, and took a picture of the top half. 

I fell in love with each little fabric. I tucked in so many treasures all over the quilt top. 

The backing is a thrifted sheet that went so great with it. What a fun find!

Here is where I tried to take a photo of the whole quilt top at once.

I free motion quilted it in the meandering style. It being quilted that way helped to tie all of the different fabrics and patterns all together. 

I used a gorgeous solid pink to bring the quilt top and backing together. 

I did sneak in 2 fun little delights when I was quilting it. This little heart on the mirror is one. 

I, also, added Love on this sweet piece.

It's just such a delightful quilt that has become my new favorite that I can only bear passing on to it's new owner because she loves it just as much as I do. 


Sweet Heart Quilt

I made this quilt for my oldest daughter. I hand appliqu├ęd each heart onto the quilt. This was truly a labor of love.  

It is twin size and bright and fresh, perfect for my sweet girl. 

The backing is a thrifted vintage sheet that made me fall in love with yellow roses all over again.

I turned over each edge and with my needle and thread, hand stitched each and every heart. 

The pom-pons were a nice whimsical touch that makes the quilt very bohemian chic. They also add that perfect pop of texture.

I used my free motion quilting foot on my sewing machine and quilted it in a meandering pattern. 

It is just such a gorgeous quilt. She loves it so much that she snuggles up in it every night. 


embroidered Christmas

I embroidered this for my Mom and Mark for Christmas last year. I've been on a hiatus from blogging and am trying to get back into the swing of things and post crafts that I never got around to posting. 

I am a big fan of Miniature Rhino and her embroidery.  I was so inspired by her instagram photos of her embroidery that I embroidered this for them. It was wonderful having a project that I could work on while just resting since I was recovering from having my appendix removed at the beginning of December. 


Blue and Gold Banquet cake

Josh ended up being on a job for Todd's blue and gold banquet. Last minute I realized that it was me that was supposed to be doing the cake with Todd. The candy shop and grocery was raided and this is what we ended up with. Neither Todd or myself had ever done a cake like this but it was pretty fun. Just time consuming.

He won an award for the #1 National Park. Even though all the boys won an award Todd was stoked about his. :)

I adore his native american designs on the tepee.

I think the fire circle out of chocolate rocks is the best. 

We raided the mini animals and found the eagle, beaver, & raccoon.