Blue & Gold Banquet cake

There is a father/son cake {or mother/son cake in our case} contest for the Blue & Gold Banquet for cub scouts each year. This is our second year of doing this.

The campfire cake is what struck his fancy. I think he had the most fun crushing the candies for the flames. I had the most fun striking matches and roasting each marshmallow for him to place around the cake. :)


SwedishMom said...

Do you have the recipe on how to make the candy flames on top?

SwedishMom said...

How did you make the candy flames for on top of the cake?

Jenny said...

SwedishMom, It's been a year but I'm pretty sure crush red and yellow candies (I used jolly ranchers) in a plastic baggie. I used a hammer. Then put the crushed candies on a pan lined in foil and then sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Put in the oven at 350 for 6 to 8 minutes or until melted. Once cooled, then you can snap the melted candies into triangular shapes for the flames. Good luck!