Sue's Garden Quilt

This is Sue's Garden Quilt. She paid me for it but was disappointed with it. I don't know. She did not give me any other direction except for that she wanted a 'garden quilt' and that I should just 'go with it.' Oh well. I liked it alot anyways. I put alot of work into it. Except for the hand applique and embroidery, it was machine pieced, hand tied, and the edges were done by machine.
Overview of the quilt.

End of the quilt

Middle of the quilt

Other end of the quilt

Edging of the quilt (done by machine)

Sweet Gum Leaf Block *used hand applique for the stem

Thistle Block

Hummingbird block *used hand applique and embroidery

The embroidered tag that I put on the back of the quilt.

Barbara Fritchie Star Block

Bluebell Block

Butterfly Block *used hand applique and embroidery

Dragonfly Block *used hand applique and embroidery


Momtothree said...

Jenny your work is absolutely amazing. I knew you were good but...wow

~ Joy ~ said...

Beautiful!!! I enjoyed watching you work on this quilt for that short time we were visiting VA in 2005. You did an amazing job.
Sue just doesn't deserve to be in the title of this work of art!

You've got such talent and I love you!