1st Quilt

When I was at college I decided that I wanted to do a jean quilt. So... all those jeans that girls didn't want? I cut them all up and made one. I did not have a sewing machine and so the first half of the top is hand sewn. I learned the hard way that it is difficult to handsew denim. I finally finished it after I had gotten married and Josh bought a sewing machine for Valentine's Day. I embroidered some of the blocks. Pictured here:


~ Joy ~ said...

I love, love, love this quilt. I've been saving up old jeans for 9 years, count 'em, NINE YEARS because I want a quilt just like this. Now I'm thinking I might have enough to do a sofa cover. How's that for a durable idea?

Seriously, I have 15+ pairs of jeans and jean shorts between Clesson and I.

Can I just say again how CUTE this quilt is?!?

~ Joy ~ said...

OH! And on a side note, I was thinking if I did a sofa cover with the jeans then one of the pockets could be used to hold the remote! !:-0 I know genius!!