Bib & Burp-cloth Set

This was made for another new nephew of mine. :) The burp cloth is a cloth diaper with material down the center. 
close up of the bib
close up of the burp cloth


Sandra Gold said...

Those are all so cute!! I especially love the quilt!! Bet you were busy with that one for a long time...I guess since June! ;)

Sarah Eve said...

That is an adorable fabric choice.

~ Joy ~ said...


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

Our little one was the lucky recipient of this set. I said I hated to put the bib on him because I know he'll get something on it and Hartley said, "That's what it's for!"

I absolutely love these. Thank you so much. The fabric is perfect. Jackson sat in his car seat going through Walmart playing with his burp cloth for half an hour!