Tennessee Lemmons' Quilt

I don't have the full pics for this quilt (this is me kicking myself in the butt for all the times that I don't take a pic of something that I've made before I give it away). But, I have been promised pics and will post them as soon as I get them. So, until then here is a preview. This quilt was done very basic because I did not have alot of time to get this done and at the same time my sewing machine went on the fritz... so, this quilt was entirely hand sewn. lol That took awhile, but I did it. I liked the 'antique' type of fabrics for this quilt.
*this pic is one of the usual that I usually do every time that I make a quilt. I take a pic of the pattern and then repeat. This way I can go back on my camera to make sure that I'm doing it as I had originally planned.
~ I did find this extra pic in my pic archives...

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