Cindy's Quilt

I made this quilt in 2006, I think it was. It was for my great friend, Cindy. I made it using a triangle template. It was alot of fun laying them all out and figuring out what design I thought looked best. 
        Since I have been trying to compile pics of all of the quilts that I've made, Cindy sent me recent pics the other month and I've just now put them up. lol  Here is a close-up:
And here is a pic of the back:
         ~modeled by Becca. It was tied with yellow ribbon. I think, if I remember right, her wedding colors were light blue and yellow. *in this pic, from use and storage, some of the ties are untied.

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Momtothree said...

Yay! Its good to see that you got the pictures up!