Haley Quilt

*update- The handquilting is all done and only the edges need to be done now! 

I'm currently working on a quilt for the Hekkings and this is my update for Julie. :P The above picture is when I had put most of the pieces together and took a pic for her to make sure she liked it.           Thankfully, she did. :)
In this one, all of the pieces are sewn and I was making sure that it fit well on a queen size bed.
a close-up of the hand-quilting. I hope that you like the double hand-stitching, Julie.
a pic of the way the hand-stitching looks on the back


Danielle said...


I saw this shop and I thought you might be interested in what it had to offer...;)


Robin said...

Hi! I am Johanna's friend, Robin...she told me about your blog since I just started one and am obsessed with blogland right now! YOu have some very nice quilts! There is an online quilt festival going on at parkcitygirl.blogspot.com to showcase your favorite quilt...it would nice to see yours, if you want to sign up just go there and enter your info into Mr.Linky spot on her page!