Sock Monkey Baby Quilt

I had originally done a rag quilt for my little nephew soon to arrive. BUT, made a few mistakes and in the wash it came apart. Aaaaargh! But never fail, I received some material in the mail that day to prevent me from being too upset. Some of that material was this fun sock monkey fabric.  So, I started a different baby quilt.

And this is the one that I made...
I stipple quilted it and used a spring green for the backing and a pretty yellow for the binding. It turned out quite well, I think. It is the 2nd one that I've stipple quilted. And is safe in the wash. lol The photo is post-wash.

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Jena said...

I love the sock monkey, so the fabric is fabulous! I am so sorry about the first quilt falling apart. I sew (not quilt - I would love to learn how to quilt) and I know how disappointing and discouraging it can be to see all of your hard work ruined. I really admire your quilting. It is something that I really desire to learn. You do wonderful work!