Yesterday's project

So, I decided to make some dresses to sell in my etsy shop. This is going to one of them, I think, as long as I don't get too attached to it. It is so cute! It's not finished yet, but this is pretty much how it will look finished. I want to put a liner in though, never done that before, but it should be pretty simple...
This is Kate being my model since I don't own a dressform and don't use patterns. She has finally decided that she loves wearing the dresses as I try them on her and fusses at me when I take it off to sew more.
More pics to come when it is entirely finished. It might take a while though, since I think that I will be doing the lining by hand and still need to do the buttonholes and that will probably be by hand, too. 

Wish me luck!

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