Recently my friend, Kelsey, made a tutu for Kate! I am so excited. It is her very first tutu. It is pink with a pink ribbon bow and has little jewels all over it. I love it! These are pics of Kate wearing it for the first time.

Thanks again Kelsey!


Linford Family said...

Those are so cute-I have been wanting to make one for Maggie once she got old enough and this just reminded me of that. I think she is old enough!

joc said...

Hello Jenny, I've emailed you more than a week ago about your winning the giveaway, but haven't received any reply from you.

Please contact me again. Thanks!

Momtothree said...

I just was in the waiting room of the oil change place reading People magazine and they had a collage of pictures of all these celebrities with their kids in tutus. None of them had one as cute as Kate's might I add.