Thanksgiving drive

I was thinking about the long drive and wanted to do something to make the trip better. I made Todd the space neck pillow and was so excited that it fits him perfectly. I found the pattern from here. Since the neck pillow ended up being sooo simple and yet so helpful I decided to make one for his friend, Peter, for Christmas.

For Kate I made a car seat cover. This is what I started with:

This is what I ended up with:

I finished the edges by hand and, also, added the elastic onto it by hand. I am really loving how sophisticated girly this is looking right now.


Table for Seven said...

I will so be placing an order for one of those next year. We have big car seats already and I can't justify buying another one just so it can be girly.

Jessica said...

So cute! You are good!

Solviej said...

Where did you get the idea for this from? Was there a tutorial, could you post a link or e-mail me a link? Thanks.