This is the first thing Todd did with his quilt when I finished it.

The hand quilting took a very long time to do, but I Love the look of it.

The back looks pretty sweet too.

I just used some extra fabric from the quilt to make the binding.


It's done!


em-il-ie said...

Dude....it is SO amazing!

Danielle said...

I love it!! And he is such a cutie :)

stevenellie said...

it looks great. That must have been A LOT of work.

Lynnie said...

IT is beautiful! I love your hand quilting! I can see that Todd loves it too!!!!

Lynnie said...

Hey, I am gonna grab your photos for the Jan post on the Quilt Challenge.. ok? I will also link back to your quilt blog...ok? If you have specific fabrics you used, or other info you want to add about your quilt let me know. I am assuming this will be your Jan project? Blessings!

Momtothree said...

wow I love this one! I can't believe you hand quilted all that!