Swaddling Blankets

I made a couple of swaddling blankets for some upcoming babies of friends.

One side is a vintage print with the other side more modern. I hand stitched it with brown embroidery thread.

This one side is a sweet print by Heather Ross {I think} and the other side is from A Red Letter Day. I hand stitched it with purple... still not sure about the purple, but oh well.

What do you think? Will the Mommies like them?


UK lass in US said...

I really like those fabrics. I wish I had taught myself to sew before I had kids. I'd have loved to make them wee baby things.

Amy said...

Yes, I think mommy's will love them. I don't sew. That is one thing I have never enjoyed doing.

Joanna said...

i'm loving all your handstitched edges. super cute!