Before & After: Glider Rocker

See this glider rocker? Not bad, I suppose... but not what I wanted to put in my little chick's room.

So, with the help of some yummy Heather Bailey fabric it is a fun pop of color.

A close up of the ties. I particularly like these because before when I used to sit down in it my head would hit the wooden top of the chair. When I redid the ties I adjusted them so that I can rest my head on the top of the cushion instead.

I just really like the look of it now.

And here it sits in the chick's room waiting for the last few weeks until we move into the house in March. I have to keep this blanket on the top so that when Todd and Kate are being wild creatures and the chair bangs against the wall it is not too loud for our neighbors.


Laura Lynn said...

Nice, so cheery too!!

Table for Seven said...

OMGOSH!!! I love it. I have one just like it that needs the same TLC. Sure wish we lived closer! Congrats on the house. So excited for you.

Jo said...

So cute...I love It!

em-il-ie said...

Awesome! Alice is a lucky baby!

heatherbailey said...

Wow. The after is even more impactful when you see the before. What a difference!