next step

I snapped a few pics while I was working on the binding on Alice's quilt...

and here they are:

My 2.5" binding strips that I cut out of some of Amy Butler's line, LOVE. Even though the fabric is green and blue, I love how it fits in with the other colors of the quilt. And it's still very girlie-girl.

{I heart Kate's little miss sunshine in the background perched on Alice's stroller.}

The binding pinned to the top and ready to be sewn.

Me hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.

I have now finished the quilt. Hooray! I'm so glad because that means that it's done before this little girl arrives, but also because it means relief to my fingers that feel like I've crawled through a pricker bush. I swear it always feels like I've done that after working with straight pins.


Lynnie said...

Beautiful! Love your backing!

Jenny said...

Thanks! I found it at IKEA. I love buying fabric there. Such a great deal.