deluxe fort kit

I found Saltwater Kids fort kit mini tutorial and knew just what to give my nephews for their birthday. What kid doesn't love a good fort? FYI: in my pics I forgot to add the 60 ft of rope that I also put in there and I opted to not put the suction cups in the kit.

Includes: 15 clothespins, clamps of various sizes, two twin size sheets, 3 flashlights for 3 nephews, a bag to hold everything in, & not included in the pic: 60 ft of rope

I folded over each corner and in the middle of each end & side about an inch and sewed it for a casing for the rope.

I also added loops from bias tape on each corner and in the middle of each sheet.


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

Nathan is building a fort as I type this!

Cindy said...

Jenny this is amazing!