Easter/Birthday Dress

I'm behind on posting about some of the things that I've made. One special thing is Kate's Easter and Birthday dress. We celebrated her birthday 5 days early on Easter weekend since all of the family would be around. I made this cute number for her. I think it's just perfect for my 3 year old playing princess on these warm summer days.

I sewed the white ribbon across the front so that it would stay put with all of her wiggles. I love the look that the square neckline gives to the dress.

I trimmed the ribbon so that when tied in a sweet little bow it would end just about at the hem. I love the contrast of colors between the white ribbon, buttons, & trim and the pinkish red of the dress.

The length of the dress is perfect for her running everywhere and the hot weather.

The dress isn't lined. I didn't want to spend the time to do it and as long as no one does a really close examination of it I don't think it's obvious. Well, at least no one has mentioned it. :)

I'm so happy that she likes it.

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K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

Such a cute dress, and I love how you've framed your pictures.