I finally finished this pile of aprons. It feels so good to check something off my never-ending to do list. 

{It feels like the only thing I going to get to check off my list.}

See that blue up there? I can't wait to paint it on my stairwell walls. That will be our art wall. At least that's plan right now. In our home it's liable to change up until the wall is painted.


Danielle said...

they're all so awesome! I know what you mean about the to-do list...my list of stuff I want to crochet is sooooo long hahaha! I am finally posting in my crochet blog again though! That feels good :)

Lynnie said...

haha! Ok, it seems I never clicked FOLLOW once you added it back. Sorry, argh. I love your aprons! Those are awesome. I need to get some apron sewing done too! Great accomplishment! Can't wait to see your wall painted and then it adorned with the artwork.