Alice's purple blanket

As soon as it turned Fall I pulled out the 4 skeins of yarn that I had been saving since early Summer. I just couldn't bring myself to crochet a warm blanket in the Summer heat. I felt silly waiting all the way until Fall, though, since it only took a few days to do. 

My friend, Kirsti, had a blanket very similar to this and that's where I got my inspiration from. Hers was also a deep purple and a thick & chunky blanket to snuggle with. 

I don't usually have it outside on the ground but I was willing to do it this once so that I could finally get a good picture of it... since I had already put it off since the beginning of Fall. I love that when Kate saw me trying to snap a picture of it she wanted to join in.

Are there any projects that you save to do until Fall or Winter? Whether you mean to or not?

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Danielle said...

That yarn is Lion Brand Homespun, huh? It's so soft but I think it's a pain in the butt to crochet with!! Hahaha! That blanket is gorgeous though :)