painting a door & quilting

Is door paint supposed to be gloss or satin???

I painted the girl's door yellow using a sample from Lowes and it's satin. And now that it's painted I'm wondering if I used the wrong finish. It just doesn't feel as comfortable to the touch as I expected.

Don't you just love that this one yellow door is the only thing painted in our entire upstairs hallway? I'm hoping that when the stairwell gets painted that it won't look so weird.

I've also been quilting lately. I'm going to be a vendor at a school spring fun night at Todd's school and hope to sell some of my crafts. The way I see it, even if I bomb it will still be a good experience for me, so... why not? 

I am loving the colors in this scrappy quilt.


Danielle said...

ooh I love those orange butterflys - they're just so happy!!

Andrea and Jeff said...

So, we apparently think VERY much alike. I promise I didn't read your blog post til today, but I noticed your yellow door post and guess what I did the day before yesterday??? Paint Jane's door pink. And I also used satin and I wish I had used semi-gloss. But the pink was free because I already had it. So I just wanted you to know that you did it first but I did it before knowing about yours:) Great minds....