birthday fun

Josh surprised me by coming home early from work yesterday and taking us all out to ice cream.

We had such a great time. And who doesn't like dessert before dinner?

We even got to hang out with friends that just happened to be getting ice cream at the same time. Fun!

We stopped at Chick fila for a quick dinner and then went home for a color powder fight. Alice was tired so we put her down to bed which ended up being perfect because I don't think that she would have handled our powder fight very well.

We had SO MUCH FUN running around and bombing each other with colors.

Josh said that it looked like we had gotten into a fight with a rainbow. 

I love how everybody looked!

And yes, it CAN stain. Mostly our clothes are fine, but the white parts are stained, but I think mainly because Josh washed the load and so the color catcher sheet did not make it into the wash. And random body parts were stained, such as the inside of my elbow, Josh's wrist, and mine & Kate's hair.

Fun birthday times!


Toney said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! That powder stuff looks really fun!

Leanne said...

Happy birthday! Hooray for the color powder fight! What a blast! Where did you get the color powder?