IBC root beer edging

I have this herb garden, see?

It needed some edging, see?

I had these IBC root beer bottles, see?

{I had originally seen an upturned bottle edging in the kitchen garden at the Williamsburg Plantation a couple of summers ago and I loved it! I've been wanting to duplicate it ever since.}

What you do is wash out your bottles that you plan on using. I ran mine through the dishwasher. I got lucky with the fact that IBC root beer bottles have no labels. 

Use a trowel to get the dirt out of where you'll be placing your bottles. Take that dirt and fill your bottles with it. I tried using a funnel at first, but with our clay dirt here where we live in North Carolina it worked best to just use my hand and fingers to get the dirt broken up and stuffed in the bottle. 

Make sure you tamp that dirt in there really well. It will help your bottles to be more sturdy and less likely to be broken. 

When I saw the edging in the kitchen garden at the Williamsburg Plantation the bottle were in the ground a lot more. I would have liked to have my bottles in the ground more but it was difficult.

Put them right smack dab next to each other. 
{Bases of the bottles touching not the necks of the bottles.}

So, naturally, there will be a space in the ground between the necks of the bottles that you will need to fill in.

In the pic on the left I had put in 4 and there are 6 in the one on the right.

And here I've added 4 more for a total of 10. I'm adding a few bottles at a time when I find the time.

I have chives, thyme, spearmint, rosemary, curled parsley, basil, cilantro, & lavender and then at the very end we have a tomato plant that Todd planted from a seed for school. 

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