recently {instagram style}

a) Sweet Abigail. My friend, Jenny, just had her baby girl. She is perfection.

b) This is Alice doing better with the car wash as long as I was turned around and rubbing her knee.

a) Todd's swimming lesson. It's so much fun to see him developing new skills and losing fear.

b) Alice's red knees from crawling on the cement. 

a) Kate's class practicing their kicking at the other end of the pool.

b) Being braver this week for her lessons.

a) Sleeping Beauty. Pure sugar.

b)Pure sweetness. Pure sugar.

a) I ended up having to bring Alice with me to the dentist. She was SO good. I'm SO grateful. And SO grateful to have good teeth!

b) Watching Toy Story while lying on beds, fort style made from couch cushions.

a) I'm painting all of the doors in my home black. Love!

b) Todd beat me at the game of LIFE with $1,105,000.

a) A treat for me during time to myself.

b) Josh put all 3 children to bed while I took a looong hotttt bath. This was my reading while I listened to my classical music shuffle. 

a) Adding edging to our flower bed.

b) Our pink crape myrtle.

I'm loving doing these *recently {instagram style}* posts. It has been ridiculously busy this summer and I take so many pictures every day. This has helped me to keep track of what has been going on. And makes it easier to share with you. If you have instagram, you can follow me @rosylemmons

Does anyone read these posts?


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

I read all your posts and love keeping up with what's going on in your family! Love and miss you guys so much!
P.S. The black doors are awesome!

Toney said...

I read them! I alsways think I should comment more, but then am not sure what to say all the time!

Sarah Eve said...

LOVE your photo posts! Though sad I missed your phone call the other week. :( It was for good reasons though. We went to the temple that weekend. :)

Danielle said...

I always read your posts :) I love your "recently {insagram style}" posts too. You are probably a better photographer than I am! ;)

Holly said...

I read and agree that the instagram posts are great!