epic tell all


In an effort to keep it real, I thought I would share a picture that is not a cute cropped photo of something adorable. Like hand painted stag head wallpaper. Or another quilt.

I took this at the end of dinner in the middle of the week. I had been using every spare minute to finish sewing Christmas presents that needed to get mailed out to family. I was just glad to have fed the children a good dinner: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. It's all about priorities, baby. Sewing Christmas presents, delicious food, and family dinner.

I have been asked where I find time to sew and I tell them that I just let everything else go. 

And this picture's proof.

Oh yeah. 

But, don't worry. We have family coming into to town tomorrow, so the house is MUCH cleaner.

I promise. 


jeanine said...

I love it! I think all of our homes look that way when we are in the midst of crafting!

Laura Lynn said...

Haha. But, I've been to your house before so I know this is an anomaly!