the birthday cake

I made Alice's cake entirely from scratch. Dude. 

I used the Pioneer Woman's chocolate cake recipe. It's a sheet cake recipe made into a 4 layer cake. Except for this one. On this one, I accidentally destroyed one of the layers when I was making it flat. Whoops. But I like the 3 layer height for my 2 year old's party. And it's delicious and that is the most important thing anyways. 

The frosting is my Mother-in-law's recipe. YUM!

I made it a white cake with ruffles because it looked so sweet {and scrumptious!}.

I really liked how well the ruffles held up with this frosting.

And the white looked great with the decor, that was a plus. :) And it was delicious. Have I told you how tasty it was, yet?

Looking at the pictures of this yummy cake was too much, so now I'm munching on one of the last few slices. Delish!

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