quick last minute barter

My friend, Lynn, contacted about doing a barter at the beginning of the year. I was so excited!

It is her 30th anniversary this year and I felt so honored to be asked to make this memento. 

In the middle of life filled with packing the house and taking care of children I was thrilled to have something to force me to sit down for awhile. It kept my fingers busy and allowed me to relax.

Such an enjoyable barter!

Especially since in return I received all of this AMAZING homemade soap and honey from her bess!


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Lynnie S said...

I am thrilled with this piece of work that I will be getting framed in a round frame at some point so it does not get dusty as it is proudly displayed on our wall. I am so glad you chose to say yes! I feel like I got the better end of the deal! Such a treasure! My husband loves it as well! Thanks again.