Baby Party Dress

Yesterday my goal was to make a dress for Kate. I've only sewn a piece of clothing twice and they were both a really long time ago and they were not very good at all. I didn't use a pattern for the dress and it still turned out really well! :) Looking at all of the clothes on Grosgrain inspired me to make something cute for my girly too. Here are some pics of the dress when I finished it last night. When I have some pictures of Kate wearing it I will post them on here. I made the dress out of a navy blue material with white polkadots.

*skirt detail*
I put a bunch of gathered tulle under the skirt to poof it out.

*back of the dress*
I put a zipper in the back. This was my first time using a zipper. I also added a white ribbon around the waist that ties in the back.

*front of the dress*
I added white lace to the neckline.

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Mary said...

Very cute. And in my opinion baby clothes are way harder than adult clothes because they are smaller, harder to work with, and mistakes are more noticible.