Baby Shoes

I found a tutorial for cloth baby shoes at Stardust Shoes. But.. it wasn't quite what I wanted and so I checked out other shoes and made my own pattern. I still have a few things to fix and move around and try on the pattern. It's fun to make my own pattern actually. I plan to post pictures of the different shoes as I try different ideas and make adjustments to the pattern and make sure that it fits Katelin's feet better.

This first pic is the 'prototype shoe'. It is the very first shoe and was definitely too small for Kate.

The finished product! ...so far anyways. :) Modeled by my Katelin Rose.


Mary said...

Those are very cute. I love the fabric.

Jessica said...


Amber said...

Very cute! I don't know how you find the time. Amazing.

Sarah said...

Those are just darling! You are so crafty! Someday... way in the future... I want you to make for me and my baby some shoes, that cute tag blanket, and a nursing cover like you use. You're so brilliant like that!

Grosgrain Kathleen said...

Ahh, these are soooo adorable! I've never made shoes for my littlest girl but these inspire *me* to make some! Thank you for your lovely compliments! I love to meet a fellow blogger in the area. (so few and far between) I live in Harrisburg but my husband is from Lancaster so I'm pretty familiar with the area.
The Marie Therese photos were taken at the Hershey Hotel. If you drive around to the back it's all there. Some things are a little hidden but if you walk all around the grounds they have little gems everywhere.