This is the first dolly of the bunch. I'm working on a whole bunch. Some are for friends pregnant with girlies and others are for girly Christmas presents.


em-il-ie said...

You are AMAZING!
That is super cute.

Okay....you and I have got to have monthly craft saturdays where we get together and make a certain project.

Are you in?

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Your crafting and artistic abilities are AMAZING! I'm trying not to be envious! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Momtothree said...

do you have to buy the patterns for those dolls? I looked at them on her website and I could only find one pattern but it was $15. Is there anyway you could send me a pdf of the pattern you used? I really like the teddy bears and bunnies that she made. I actually made a stuffed bunny for my little 14 yr old sister when she was born. I was about 12 or 13 at the time. It didn't turn out that great since I made it up myself lol.

Jenny said...

Cindy, I didn't buy a pattern. I made this one up by myself (no pdf).

Laura Lynn said...

Cutest little dolls!