Busy bee

Looking forward to the flea/farmer's market again tomorrow. This is an adorable finger puppet that we picked up for Todd on his birthday for $1. How awesome is that? I'm hoping to pick up more tomorrow. Maybe a little red riding hood one for Kate...

A quick little purse for our next door neighbor girl's birthday. She just turned 4.

Made a quick reversible tote bag for my friend Emilie's birthday.

Took a break from putting the sealant on my table and chairs and really need to finish up so that we can actually eat at our table again.

What I have been up to: Eating chocolate, making dolls, watching t.v., & cleaning up from two children all once they are in bed. This is what I've been up to for the past few nights.

These yummy pay-it-forward gifts are in the mail except for the chandelier ruby one. That package is still awaiting one little boy's tie. I just need to add the velcro to the tie and then the package will be off. The reason I still have to add the tie is that she has twin boys and makes little girly hair bows and I make little boy ties, but not hair bows. So I am sending her two blue boy ties and she will send me some lovely hair bows. Hooray!


em-il-ie said...

I was the happy recipient of that adorbale bag.
What a wodnerful gift!

Momtothree said...

I made you a bunch of the hairbows today! They turned out pretty well. All I need now is your zebra print ribbon and I'll be mailing them out to you.

Danielle said...

that awesome yellow bag is TOTALLY mine XD

Lynnie said...

You have been busy! I love all of your projects and get inspiration by reading your blog! Your little dolls are adorable!