New Craftiness to Come

...we are going to move into our new home in March! I'm so excited for this because this will be our first home that we'll have bought, so I actually get to decorate and put down roots.

In our other homes I never decorated because I knew that we were going to be moving in a year or two, but this will be SO different. I already have paint chosen for the bedrooms and so many plans.

One room that I'm seriously excited about is my bedroom. I'm going to be painting the walls black... yes, BLACK.

I'm hoping to thrift a chandelier and spray paint it a candy apple red and I picked up a basic white quilt yesterday. I'm also loving this accent pillow:

I found it on this modern furniture site, but they have some other sweet stuff {such as this kool pillow}.

So... be forewarned.

As I get more and more excited about owning my own place there will be more home craftiness posted. I can't wait to share with you all my adventures in painting walls, spray painting, decorating my house, and all other kinds of fun with my little ones.

The baby is coming in March, too. March is going to one crrrrrazy month... but April is looking good. ;)


Danielle said...

I can't wait either, I love seeing all your neat projects! You are such a talented woman!

Laura Lynn said...

Oh that will be so fun! That pillow looks like Belen's bedding I got at Target. It's so fun to do your own place and we are still working on ours - never ending!