a crib...

Yes. A crib. On my quilt blog.


In 2010 I participated in the 12-N-12 Quilt Challenge over at my friend Lynette's blog. It was to make 12 quilted projects in 12 months. Each one accomplished was an entry into a drawing at the end. I completed 11 projects:

*I did finish the Hexagon Quilt, but haven't taken good pics yet. I'll plan to do that in the morning since I need to post it in the mail for Cindy.

Still waiting for me to explain the crib?

Well... I won the drawing! It was for $100! So, with all of the hype against dropside cribs I decided to play it safe and get a new fixed side crib for my baby girl coming in March. How lucky am I?! Thanks Lynette for hosting the challenge and doing the drawing. I truly appreciate the crib and accomplishing so many quilted items this year.


Laura Lynn said...

Congrats! That is so great. All of your handmade things are so pretty.

Is that the crib you are looking to get? It's nice.
Since the selling of drop-down side cribs has been banned, it's good that you're getting a new model.
I want to get back in to sewing but we are so busy right now with kids activities, work and church that I can't seem to find time.

Jenny said...

Thanks! Yes. That's the picture of the one I just ordered tonight. I'm very excited to get it.

Sarah Eve said...

Congratulations Jenny!!!

Lynnie said...

Again, just catching up on all three of your blogs, I always enjoy reading while I am here. You are most welcome (drawing), and thanks again for participating you were such an inspiration to me monthly and kept me challenged to keep moving along! The crib is gorgeous!