Jan blocks

Hooray!!! I finished the January blocks for the Stitch 6 Bee in January. Miracles happen. It feels great to have the month's blocks done during the month for the first time. Hahaha How sad is that? That this is the first month of the quilting bee that I'm actually done on time.

Sorry for the picture above. I took it at night. I mailed it out to Utah yesterday though and I'm heading to the post office tomorrow to mail out the one below to eastern shore North Carolina.

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Lynnie said...

Jen, that black and white block is STUNNING! I Love it!

Hey, also, I am here in Florida with only half of our belongs.. unfortunately my machine did not make it on the first load.. and it will be several months now before I see it again.. can you direct me to where I can learn or get a template for the hexagon quilt..you it all by hand right? Thanks!