I've decided to re-do the girl's dresser. We bought it a few years back at a thrift store for $25, I think it was. It's a good dresser, but with my painting plans for the girl's bedroom I've decided to paint it a glossy white.

The other night a friend came over and helped Josh bring it downstairs for me to sand it in the garage. I took this picture before the dresser made it to the garage. Crazy cat Merlin thought he owned that dresser. Sorry for the fuzzy bad pic but it's difficult taking pics of all black cats, especially at night.

This is Kate and I wearing our dust masks. I was out in the garage sanding and she wanted to join me.

I've now passed the sanding stage and I'm almost done with the priming. I decided to put 2 coats of primer on everything. The dresser body and the drawers both have their 2 coats of primer, but the hardware still needs another coat. Tomorrow that will happen and I'll start painting.

Here's hoping that the dresser looks in the end how I picture it.

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