diaper clutch

I made this awhile back before Alice was born. I wanted a little clutch to be able to fit diapers and wipes plus have a little bit more room to fit some diaper rash cream in it too, if I needed it.

This holds it all for me.

I did the edges so that it would be a box bottom and would stand up for me.

I'm grateful that it's a zippered one because everything stays in when I'm digging through my bag for one of the million things I keep in there. I'm also very proud of myself for how well this zipper turned out because zippers are a trouble spot for me.

I lined it with just a solid beige. I wanted it to be very understated since the outside fabric is anything but.

This is perfect for me and adds a happy note to all of the diaper changes that are happening.

I found my inspiration for this from this post and from there found this tutorial which I just modified for what I wanted.

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