big chocolate cake reveal

Remember The Pioneer Woman's Big Chocolate Cake that I said I was going to attempt? Well, it turned out great. I am thrilled for my first cake made without a cake mix. Actually, I think it turned out a lot better than my cake mix cakes.

Here's a photo of me stacking my four layers.

Kate was very eager to start eating her big chocolate cake.

I even attempted The Pioneer Woman's chocolate curls and I think they turned out pretty great for my first time. I couldn't find her recipe printed anywhere online but copied it down while watching the Ladd's Birthday episode.


My frosting was not as creamy as Ree Drummond's {The Pioneer Woman}. I should have made sure that all of the chocolate pieces were melted by the cream before I put it in the fridge to chill. Plus I should have made the frosting first thing in the morning, too, that way it would have had enough time to fully chill before I whipped it into delicious submission.

I found these pretty magic wand candles at the store and had her help me put them on. She put them exactly where she wanted them even though each time after she put a candle on I turned the cake for her to put the next one in a different spot. She just reached over the whole cake to get the next one right next to the one before. 

She must have wanted them in the optimal wish-blowing position.

Thanks Ree for a delicious chocolate cake! 

Seriously. It was delicious.

p.s. That's my friend Amy cutting the cake for me. Thanks Amy!


Emilie said...

Oh. my. gosh, dude.
It looks AMAZING!!!

Danielle said...

WOW you are brave! I hope your Katie girl liked her hat :)