finished scrappy quilt

I loved making this quilt. Sewing with scraps is so fun. I love to be able to go through and see some of my favorite fabrics and remember projects that they were used in.

Do you love that I get my friends to hold my quilts for me? I do. I love it! 

I used a orange with white polka dot fabric for the backing to keep it bright and playful, but still gender neutral. It was the only thing I purchased to make this quilt. All the other fabric was pulled from my stash.

I quilted 'in the ditch on both sides of every line on the quit. {Up & down, sideways, & diagonal} I really like this quilting look.

This quilt is already snuggled up with a sweet baby girl. I must say that I really love to make practical items that will actually be used. That's why I don't make wall quilts. Well, besides them not usually being my style, if I'm going to make something I want it to be useful. But, also, I want the practical things I make to be fun, whimsical, and just full of love because that's just what I really enjoy making.

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Toney said...

I really, really want to quilt but I just don't get it. I tried to get Alie to teach me but I realize it was a bad idea to ask an astrophysicist to teach me, lol! She made me a beautiful quilt out of the one block I managed to scrap together but I just don't understand it yet. Maybe in a few years...