date night for 1

My friend, Jenny, and her husband watched the kids tonight so that Josh & I could go on a date. {Yay for babysitting swaps!} 

But Josh ended up having to work and wasn't going to be home in time. 

So I went by myself.

The kids had so much fun with a pizza night and getting soaked washing the car. 

Since I was going on a date by myself, I decided to get myself something that I've been wanting for quite awhile. The supplies for a raised garden bed. 

I would normally just plant a garden right in the ground, but since this is a new construction the soil is very compacted. So a raised garden bed it is.

And since it was a date by myself I unloaded at the house by myself. I was so happy when I put the last bag in the garage. My back & arms were happy, too.

And who knew that cacti could be soooo beautiful? I did not. I love their rainbow of colors.

Do you ever go out on dates by yourself?

What do you end up doing?

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Emilie said...

I go out to eat and then get a pedicure. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's magical.