Macey's baby quilt

After making Alice's doll quilt, I wanted to make a larger version. A friend of mine is having a sweet baby girl and her baby shower was coming up. So, during a Carolina Panther football game I whipped this top up. I only stitched a couple of the pieces by hand before I wondered why I was being crazy and not using my machine. 

This was the first time I've quilted a quilt in a loop-de-loop fashion. It was perfect for a little girly quilt.

Another thing that I really like about this quilt is that it's not a set pattern. I just cut fabric, sewed, picked more fabric that would look good with it, and kept on going. I just really love the look of this quilt and the colors and how well they work together.

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afurin said...

It turned out SO cute! I love it. Can't wait to wrap Macey up in it!