more painting

Recently I painted the hallway upstairs. It had a builder's flat white paint on it before. You know, the kind where it's touched once and then there's a nasty smudge on the wall.

Here is a good view of some of the doors that I painted black. I really like the black doors. Guess which one is the girl's room?

We painted the upstairs hallway and the stairwell the same color since the color flowed better that way. 
This is all of the art from my stairwell. It's quite a lot. Most are thrift store/flea market pieces not more than $8 each and generally cheaper than that. I, also, have other pieces that were either painted by my Grandpa, cross stitched by my Mom, embroidered by a friend, or something special. 

It was quite nerve wracking painting up SO high. I'm glad that I don't have to do it again. We purposefully picked a classic neutral but modern color so that we won't ever have to do it again.

It was so nice to put the art back up. I have the put up in a way that it wraps around and up the stairwell with you as you walk up it.

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