My Halloween Costume

I got this really fun masquerade mask for my birthday back in June and when Josh & I got invited to an adult only Halloween party I knew exactly what I wanted to be.

On Thursday I picked up this old 80's prom dress from the thrift store to change into my costume.

That afternoon I finally found time to get cutting and sewing. And I didn't have much time. I had a meeting that night, and kids to pick up and drop off, but sewed every minute I wasn't sleeping. 

I made the black ruffles by overlapping black grosgrain ribbon and sewing it down. It worked perfectly.

This is a photo of it only 3/4 of the way done.

I love how it ended up, because I just really wanted a fun and pretty statement piece to match the mask.

My vampire and I had such a great time that night. And the costume turned out great! 


Joshua Lemmons said...

You're amazing! Love you so much!

Solviej said...

I love it when the grown ups dress up. Great costume!