I'm busy with kids, house, everything, but I still needed to have something for my hands to do. I know, like I don't have enough for my hands to do. But when I'm sitting down at night, watching tv and relaxing I want to keep my hands busy. Actually, I find that I'm desperate for a craft for my hands. 

Well, I've had a skirt set aside for some time now that had gotten a pen mark on the front, but I didn't want to re-use it for something else because this was a skirt that I really liked. Well, this past weekend I decided to embroider on the skirt to cover up the pen mark. I'm loving this process. I'm using embroider thread from my stash. And I'm free handing the pattern with a pencil and then filling it in full of color. 

I have so much sewing to get done right now that I'm not sure when this project will get done, but that's ok. It's nice to have a good project to switch up every once in awhile.


jeanine said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to see it!

Linford Family said...

Wow, you are SO crafty it's amazing. I like to reconnect with you as well! Cute cute kids you have!

busy bee lauren said...

That embroidery is amazing!!