embroidered tablecloth

It's done!

I was asked late last year to come up with a nice table cloth for the table in the Young Women's room for church. I was asked to incorporate the colors of the Young Women's values. The Young Women values and colors for each value are: faith- white, good works- yellow, knowledge- green, divine nature- blue, integrity- purple, choice and accountability- orange, individual worth- red, virtue- gold.

I found this design here and traced it onto the tablecloth with pencil. Then proceeded to embroider it all by hand. 

a close up of the left

a close up of the center

a close up of the right

This has been the biggest embroidery project I have ever taken on. And I do all my embroidery by hand so it definitely took a lot of hours.

I really enjoyed seeing the design come alive with color and pattern. 

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stevenellie said...

it's gorgeous!