chocolate cake

I've made a couple of these Pioneer Woman's Big Chocolate Cakes recently. They are SO delicious. 

I also follow her instructions for chocolate curls that is found in the Ladd's Birthday episode. {which I just found that the recipe for them is posted on Food Network, of course} I first made this cake a year ago for Kate's 4th birthday. I had seen the cake on The Pioneer Woman and knew I had to make it, it looked delish, and the first occasion coming was Kate's party. So, I told her, "You're turning 4. It has 4 layers. Perfect, see?"

I've been told by Josh that I need to make this again, but for the family this time. He really wants some. Who wouldn't?

And those chocolate curls? Perfection on top of delicious perfection.


Amy said...

Cindy gave me a piece of her birthday cake you made for her and it was fabulous. Now I need to make it. But not for a while :)

Cindy K. Reeder said...

I LOVE your cake its DELICIOUS!!! I want it for every Birthday!!! (yum)

Cindy K. Reeder said...

I LOVE your cake it is DELICIOUS... I want it for every Birthday!! >_<