Seed Starting

This is the 1st time I've ever started seeds for a garden and I decided to share my process with you.

I had saved egg cartons as they were emptied and cut of the top and side pieces off with scissors. Also, I saved children's yogurt cups. 

The first step is to make drainage holes. I used a paring knife and cut x's on the bottom. On the bottom of the yogurt cups, it was more difficult, so I was happy with just one cut. 

See? Perfect for drainage.

Take your potting soil and lightly fill your egg carton.

Then, using your finger make a hole the recommended depth on the back of your seed packet in each section. 

Then take your seed, drop one in each hole, cover with more dirt, and pack lightly. 

Before you water your seeds, make sure you have a spot to put the egg carton on without it draining all over your counter/windowsill. I used a 9x13 baking dish, the lid for the 9x13 dish, even my nice white platter. Then I placed them on my kitchen bar to keep them safe from my inquisitive 2 year old. I would trust my 7 and 4 1/2 year old them, though. 

I've had so much fun planning for our garden. I'm hoping to be a better gardener this year. Also, I would love to have more space to grow, especially to have my own strawberry patch. We've all had fun watching the seedlings grow. In just the past couple of days we have been watching the seedlings grow inches and inches. I'll show you how much they've grown soon!

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