Alexis' quilt

I made quilt a few months back for a friend's baby girl. It was one of my scrap quilts. I adore scrap quilts because 1)I like the look of them and 2)I get to use up fabric I already have lying around in my scrap bag. 

I made this one to look bright, fresh, and sunny.

I quilted it in a meandering pattern with my free motion quilting foot.

I used a solid light green to balance out the busyness of the quilt top and the backing.

I adore this feminine floral backing. Perfect to wrap around a sweet little baby girl.

This is one of the very last quilts that I am making for friend's babies as a present. The last one will be for my friend Emilie. But, other than that, I am done. It's just too much time, money, and supplies for me to be making them for free for friends having babies. I do have a plan to start sewing quilts to sell. My fingers are crossed that that plan works out  but who really knows with the crazy summer we've had and still have planned and with school starting at the end of next month. 

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Kimberlee Turley said...

There's a yellow and dark polka dot rectangle with pink that I just love!

Your quilts are always so much fun!

And yeah,much too hard to do quilts for everyone who has a baby. There's like 3 every month in our ward it seems like.