tour of my garden

I've decided to snap some photos of my garden for you.  Now, don't think that I'm an expert. I really feel like I'm just playing house in my garden. It's all trial and error where the worst thing is for me to not try. I have a raised garden bed that I built by myself and for myself last Spring. This Spring we painted it pink. Because we could. And I like pink. 

Josh tilled up a section of our yard for me to have more garden space. {There is never enough!} Unfortunately, our soil isn't that great because our home is new construction. So our soil is compacted clay with no nutrients. But, no worries! I add our kitchen waste/compost right into our garden to add more nutrients to the soil and hopefully by next year the soil will be better. OR maybe I'll just build more raised garden beds right where the tilled garden is. I'm so spontaneous that I'm never really sure until I'm actually planting or building. 

Ready for a load of pictures...?

Our Romaine lettuce grew SO well! 

Our Danver's Half Long carrots seemed to do alright but I think I will try a different brand next time I buy seeds. 

These pea seeds went into the raised garden bed right where we took out the lettuce. Also, I added the last of the Danver's Half Long carrot seeds in a row just to the right of these peas.

These are our green beans and tomatoes. This Spring TONS of cherry tomato plants grew from tomatoes left in the garden over winter. It was pretty amazing but I didn't thin them out. I should have though because they ended up being so leggy {tall and skinny}. With the leggy tomato plants to support and not wanting to spend extra money at the store, I found some tall sticks in the woods and staked the plants to them. And it works great!

One of our yummy green beans growing.

tomatoes waiting to ripen

the tilled garden with horrible soil
{see that ONE corn stalk that is 4 times smaller than it should be}

But the tomatoes from the tilled garden seem to be doing alright. {I have been putting the compost in the tomato section of the garden so far.}

One of the gorgeous lilies my Mother gave us when we moved into our house.

And I haven't mentioned one of the best parts about my garden... my helpers. I love how they eagerly water, pull weeds, dig, etc. 

These are Mammoth Russian Sunflowers. I've never grown them before. I'm hoping that they are the ones that are taller than me. 

This Spring I transplanted our thornless blackberries {another gift from my mother} from the area where our tilled garden currently is to here. Then I bought some metal stakes and chicken wire for the blackberries to grow up. This year we have a total of 11 blackberries growing. Yup. 11.

The blueberry bushes are producing very well. 

The herb garden with it's massive rosemary bush.

Pretty geraniums

We also have some butterfly bushes. 

How's your garden this year? Is it like mine and still trying to take shape and ever changing? 


Sarah Eve said...

LOVE your garden!

Cindy K. Reeder said...


Cindy K. Reeder said...

Wow!! Súper awesome!!!

jeanine said...

You are a wonderful gardener! I am always so jealous of the yummy produce you post. Our gardens are never very successful. But we keep trying!