Anna's bowls

These are the wonderful ceramic bowls that I received from the barter with Anna. They are beautiful and timeless. I am thrilled to own her pottery. There were 2 larger bowls and and a set of 4 smaller bowls. 

I really like how the bowls have so much character. 

They are just beautiful works of art.

I take such pleasure in using them in the kitchen and at the table. 

With the set of 4 nesting bowls she gave them an anthropologie look when she hand painted them. I adore them. These 4 are my favorite. The style is perfection. 

The swirls in the bowls are mesmerizing and beautiful, too. 
And, that yellow... heck yes. 

They're just so pretty and I'm grateful to finally have a chance to show these to you. 

And the inscriptions on the bottom are the icing on the cake. Each one has a sweet signature that also declares it mine! They just couldn't get any better. 

I dying to know when I get to barter with her again!

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jeanine said...

These are beautiful!